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13 February - 2020

New statutory rates that will apply from April 2020 - what you need to know

5 February - 2020

Calling for HR big data – 2020

22 December - 2019

20 Thoughts for 2020

18 December - 2019

Trainee Board Members - All Locations

30 October - 2019

Ten case studies to capture board experiences

15 November - 2019

Housing sector pay predictions for 2020/21

1 October - 2019

ema consultancy appoints new management consultant

One of the housing sector’s longest-standing recruitment, pay and HR specialists has appointed a former housing director to its team, following a period of strong growth. Susan Richardson joins the ema consultancy team as managing consultant after more than 13 years at Parkway Green and then Wythenshawe Community Housing Group. A Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development, Susan most recently held the role of Executive Director before joining ema consultancy.

23 August - 2019

Merger staffing issues – What could possibly go wrong? And how to make sure that it doesn’t!

Anne Elliott, Managing Director at ema consultancy Limited… It is widely acknowledged that mergers often fail because of the people and cultural issues. But are employers giving this enough thought soon enough? A deeper analysis of the picture suggests that it is not generally the regulation, technical or financial issues that go wrong, it is the ‘people’ aspects. This can lead to poor staff morale and significantly affect working relationships. Not getting the ‘people’ aspect right means that staff may not buy in to the change, possibly leading to the merger failing or the newly merged organisation having to battle in its early years against a background of residual staffing issues.

26 June - 2019

A Guide to Increasing Diversity in Housing

ema consultancy is delighted to launch our latest report today, looking into practical actions those working in and for the housing sector should take to improve board diversity. Research by our team last year into housing board diversity showed that only 37% of board roles were held by women and only 32% had female chairs.

24 August - 2019

Why are men over represented as board chairs

Why are men over represented as housing association board Chairs? EMA examined the boards of 80 randomly selected housing associations and found women make up 37% of Board Members and only 32% of board Chairs are women, and this drops to a measly 20% of Chairs of the audit committee. (This is one of the most important board roles, as this committee oversees the organisation’s financial reporting and controls.)

20 June - 2019

Can succession planning address the gender pay gap?

The CIPD recently reported that 52% of companies who filed their 2nd year gender pay data indicated that the pay gap has increased in favour of men, compared with 40% who have seen an increase in favour of women and the 8% who saw no change. Within housing the gender pay gap is circa 8% in favour of men, however very few organisations have filed for 2018/19 and it is too early to see if this has changed significantly, but at ema consultancy Limited we suspect not.

19 June - 2019

Feeling the benefit: survey shows how housing providers are attempting to win war on talent

Average pay in the housing sector rose by 2.3% in the period 2018/19 and health-benefit packages are on the rise, according to a new survey on pay and benefits. The 2019 Total Reward Survey – carried out by ema consultancy Limited, a company that provides recruitment, training and governance services to more than 200 housing providers each year - aims to give an accurate picture of the benefits and pay packages on offer.

18 April - 2019

Employer branding in the housing sector

Employer branding is a major topic for many organisations these days, including housing providers. With many sectors facing talent shortages, and often equivalent pay and benefits packages on offer, it’s more important than ever that employers can differentiate their brand to attract the best quality candidates. HR expert Anne Elliott of ema consultancy Limited answers some frequently asked questions on how to build and maintain a strong employer brand.

5 April - 2019

Appraising your Board

We all know that the expectations placed on Boards has escalated hugely over the last decade. The Boards of today are almost unrecognisable from the Boards we knew then. Often now purely skills based, mostly paid, and – supporting this professionalism - robustly appraised…. or are they?

13 March - 2019

Call for housing sector HR to help benchmark benefits

Housing HR professionals are urged to take part in a sector-wide survey, designed to compare how providers are attracting and retaining talent. The Total Reward survey - run by ema consultancy Limited, a company that provides recruitment, training and governance services to more than 200 housing providers each year - aims to give an accurate picture of the benefits and pay packages on offer.

7 March - 2019

Why attracting talent is a thorny issue

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, according to Romeo at least. But it seems a name or brand change does heavily impact on how candidates view potential employers. Specialist recruiter and governance expert Anne Elliott of ema consultancy Limited has noted a significant shift in what attracts or repels someone from a role.

3 January - 2019

New Year, New Role, New You

As 2018 draws to a close many of us will personally be reflecting on the last year and considering what we achieved and what we could do better or more of in 2019. For many, this will include setting ourselves objectives to progress our career or stretch ourselves further.

3 January - 2019

Board New Year Health Check

As we enter 2019, we are presented with an opportunity to reflect on the past and plan for the future. After what is likely to have been a short break from their Non-Executive responsibilities, no doubt your Board will be returning to their duties with a refreshed energy and a desire to contribute effectively in 2019.

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