Pay and employee benefits

Attracting and retaining talent can be a competitive business, and we know in this ever-changing climate that clients also need to demonstrate value for money. Our experts can help you ensure your resources are well spent, on the right people.

Our team are acknowledged experts in executive and non-executive pay.

Each month we complete a minimum of 500 benchmarking exercises, supporting clients to ensure they are offering value for money to the organisation and an attractive, competitive offer for candidates. We also provide pay benchmarking clubs to share knowledge.

A core part of our offer is quick snap report into upper, middle and lower quartile pay for specific posts. Thanks to our experience and detailed research, we can often provide individual post information within one working day. We know from feedback that clients value this accuracy and turnaround.

We can also advice on or write your reward strategy and give advice on effective benefits and how your package compares with private and public sector organisations competing for the same talent. This includes commercial terms such as golden handcuffs and long-term incentive plans (LTIPs).

Our remuneration database has been built up over the last 13 years and is monitored and updated by our highly-experienced team. It is updated weekly and is unparalleled in terms of accuracy and reach across different sectors and role levels.

We run an annual employee benefits club, enabling customers to identify the best way to incentivise staff and understand how others are doing so.

Ian Robertson
Executive Director