Grace Lyne


With more than a decade in human resources, Grace began her HR journey with work experience at EMA, laying a foundation that she’s built upon ever since. As a chartered HR professional, she’s led recruitment, streamlined onboarding and developed talent, always ensuring compliance with employment law and regulations.

Grace’s recent focus has been on evolving HR processes to match company growth targets. Her strategic acumen was evident as the Head of HR for an SME, where she developed an HR strategy to support the company’s expanded operations from 8 to 14 sites over three years. Adept at collaborating, Grace partners effectively with managers, fostering talent and enhancing business performance.

Pursuing continuous development, Grace achieved her Masters in HR Management while managing her demanding roles and is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

At ema, Grace’s focus is the highly regarded annual Total Reward and Workplace Survey, analysis of market pay & reward,  and various key sector research. She also works on the search and interim part of the business.

Outside ema, Grace has led initiatives that enhanced employee quality of life through comprehensive onboarding, training and performance review strategies. She has developed training programmes that streamlined staff succession, reduced recruitment costs and compromise agreements. Her efforts have also achieved 90% staff retention by seamlessly integrating a Southwest business into the existing culture. With her robust onboarding process, she improved probationary period completions. Additionally, Grace has mentored managers, significantly enhancing their leadership confidence, as well as developing KPI-driven contracts for more structured performance discussions.