Total Reward and Workplace Survey 2022

Our 2022 Total Reward and Workplace Survey is now live and this year is set to give an even greater insight into the #socialhousing #workplace than any of our previous surveys.

Since the success of last year’s survey which also took a look at the impact of the #pandemic on the #workplace, we have decided to incorporate a workplace review section in the 2022 survey (and a survey name change). So, in addition to understanding how pay, reward and benefits are changing, we will be able to see how the structure of the workplace is shifting.

The 2021 survey was met with considerable interest from the #socialhousing sector as it was one of the first pieces of research to quantify the changing workplace as it moved to hybrid working and the subsequent impact on pay and reward. @insidehousing covered the survey –

This year we are expecting to see changes in pay and benefits driven by the impact of the Covid pandemic and we will report this in our findings. The survey will provide an overview of the how pay and benefits are being applied nationally and has been designed to gather key information on the key employee benefits e.g. pensions, annual leave, car allowances including mileage allowances, bonus schemes and payments, flexible working arrangements and flexible benefits etc.   The survey will also highlight diversity issues such as ethnicity pay gap and gender pay gap reporting.

We are sending this survey to more than 300 housing organisations and will provide all participants with a free copy of the results. If you would like your #housingassociation to take part in the survey then please contact Lorna Lee on

We are making a donation of £10 for every survey completed to a chosen charity, so your completed survey can help to make a difference.