Get ready to throw the merriest Christmas party ever. Our guide is packed with tips to ensure your staff celebration is fun, inclusive and safe.

Holly Jolly Office Party: Expert tips for planning your Christmas bash

Are you gearing up to plan the most talked-about staff Christmas party of the year? Great! Let’s get into the detail with a guide that’s perfect for HR professionals. These 10 tips are your roadmap to creating an event that’s as enjoyable as it is responsible. From setting the right tone with policies to ensuring everyone gets home safely, we’ve got you covered for a festive bash that will be remembered for all the right reasons.

10-Point Plan for a fabulous staff Christmas party:

  1. Creative policy communication: Let’s start by spicing up those important policy reminders. Create a catchy, engaging memo or even a short video to remind everyone about expected behaviour at the party. This isn’t just about rules; it’s about setting a positive, respectful tone for the festivities.
  2. A strong stance against harassment: Address harassment head-on in your communications. Make it abundantly clear with examples, if necessary, that any form of harassment won’t be tolerated. Emphasise the importance of respect and inclusivity, ensuring every staff member feels safe and valued.
  3. Venue selection with everyone in Mind: The perfect venue is key. It needs to be accessible to all, catering to various needs and preferences. Think about location, transportation links, dietary requirement, and even acoustics for those who might be overwhelmed by loud music. The goal is a venue where every attendee feels comfortable and excited to be there.
  4. Entertainment that’s fun for all: Entertainment can make or break a party. Research and choose entertainers who are not only talented but also sensitive to a diverse audience. Consider a pre-event briefing to ensure their act aligns with your company’s values and the diverse nature of your workforce.
  5. Smart handling of alcohol: Navigate the alcohol aspect with tact. Offer a limited number of drink vouchers per person and don’t forget the exciting range of non-alcoholic options. These small steps can help maintain a lively, yet controlled atmosphere.
  6. Thoughtful timing of the event: Pick a date and time that considers your team’s schedule. If it’s a weekday, how will this affect work the next day? Perhaps a lunchtime celebration could be just as fun as an evening one, or a Friday night might work better than a Wednesday.
  7. Safe transport solutions: Plan ahead for safe transportation. This might mean negotiating deals with local taxi services, organising a mini-bus or setting up a designated driver system. The key is making these options well-known and easy to access. Don’t forget driving the next morning and reminding staff about the aftereffects of alcohol and getting behind the wheel.
  8. Designated party monitors: Have a team of discreet, responsible staff volunteers to keep an eye on proceedings. They’re there to subtly ensure everything runs smoothly, stepping in only when necessary to handle any situations that might arise.
  9. Keep it merry, not managerial: Let’s save chats about salaries and promotions for the office. At the Christmas party, it’s all about fun and festivities, not figures and forecasts. Enjoy the cheer and leave the career talk for another day.
  10. Reflect, review, and plan for the future: Use the insights gathered to start thinking about next year’s event. Each party is a learning experience, an opportunity to better understand your team and how to celebrate in a way that truly resonates with them.

There you have it – a guide for planning a Christmas party that’s fun, inclusive and safe. With these steps, you’re all set to organise an event that will not only be a blast but will also reflect the best of your company’s culture. Let’s make this year’s Christmas party a standout event that your team will cherish!

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