Calling for HR big data – 2020

Housing HR professionals have the opportunity to take part in the sector’s largest benchmarking exercise on pay and reward.

ema consultancy, which provides HR, governance and pay guidance to more than 200 providers each year, has run The Total Reward survey since 2014. It captures comprehensive trends in benefits, flexible working, pensions and anticipated pay increases. Last year more than 100 providers took part.

For the first time the survey will also highlight diversity issues, including reporting on providers’ monitoring of the ethnicity pay gap, the gender pay gap and also the ratio between their highest and lowest paid employees.

Every housing provider that takes part is given a free copy of the detailed report to help them set the packages which will best help them attract and retain talent. The housing sector’s response will be compared to commercial trends to understand the confidence level of the sector’s ability to attract talent from wider backgrounds.

Anne Elliott, managing director at ema consultancy, said: “It’s important more than ever that housing providers can demonstrate efficiency, and by understanding the real pay levels and packages offered by others, boards and executive years can make informed decisions about remuneration and rewards.

Previous surveys have captured the balance between core pay and other rewards, with a clear trend towards wider wellbeing. We expect this year’s survey to capture a focus on flexible working, and a recognition of employee’s wider caring responsibilities – for example towards older parents, time off for school events and even pets! The ‘softer’ offer versus traditional pensions and healthcare packages is reflective of the commercial sector, and providers are getting smarter in general at matching reward to performance.

Thank you to everyone who takes part. Together we can build a real, accurate picture of the health of the sector’s pay and reward offer.”

All participants will be provided with a full report of the results. The survey, which is encrypted, can be found at surveymonkeytotalreward2020

Support will also be given to help providers through the survey. For a copy of your 2019 entry if you made one, or for any other questions, please contact Lorna Lee on 01926 887272 or

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